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Database Development

Companies of all sizes grapple with ways to efficiently manage their data. It is not uncommon to find several different databases within a company, all saved and used differently by various employees. As a result, compiling mailing lists or running basic reports become huge administrative chores. The problem grows as companies grows.

Schweitzer Consulting advocates for a single company database, stored on the company's shared server and available to multiple users. The database should collect relevant data and be backed up daily. Schweitzer Consulting creates interconnected tables within the database which are linked by their relationships to one another.

We advocate databases that are built with off-the-shelf software (such as Microsoft Access) so that the client -- not the software designer -- retains full control of the database's design and content. We do not believe clients should be at the mercy of a software designer every time a change needs to be made. Instead, we create the database alongside the end users, train employees how to make updates and help identify a key employee who oversees the database internally.


"Julie did such a great job on our grand opening. We were showcased in all the major publications including an awesome full-page spread in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and two-page story in MidWeek."

~ Geri Berger Pineapples Boutique

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Hawaii's Better Business Bureau:
Schweitzer Consulting - 2012 Torch Award

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